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Your Money or Your Life Book by Eric Toussaint

Your Money or Your Life Book PDF

Your Money or Your Life This is THE go-to book for taking back your life through changing your relationship with money.

When this book Your Money or Your Life is released in English by Pluto Press in the spring of 1999, it will have already appeared in six other languages: French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Turkish and Greek. For a book that does not hide its hostility to the neo-liberal project, this in itself is a sign of renewed interest in global alternatives to mainstream thinking. Meetings have been organised to launch the book in a number of countries in Latin America, Africa and Europe.

The meetings have provided an opportunity to test the validity of the book’s main arguments. The results have been encouraging. As a result of the exchange organised around the proposals advanced in chapter 17, these proposals will be reworked in line with the thoughtful criticisms and additions I have received.

A number of significant events have taken place since the book was completed in May 1998. They provide the raw material necessary for fine-tuning the book’s main theses.

Your Money or Your Life Book PDF (Cover):

Your Money or Your Life Book

A global and sustemic Crisis

In a number of key countries around the world, we have seen either outright drops in production and consumption or significant drops in their rate of growth.

The term ‘systemic crisis’ is fitting in so far as the economic strategy of a number of big states, large private financial institutions and industrial multinationals has been unsettled – due to the growing number of sources of imbalance and uncertainty in the world economic situation.

From the very start, the capitalist system has gone through a large number of generalised crises. On occasion, its very survival was in doubt; but it has always managed to weather the storm. However, the human cost of these crises – and of the ways in which the capitalist system has emerged from them – is incalculable.

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Capitalism may once again weather the storm. It is by no means sure that the oppressed will be up to the task of finding a noncapitalist solution to the crisis. Although victory is far from guaranteed, it is imperative that the oppressed reduce the human cost of the crisis and pursue a strategy of collective emancipation that offers real hope for all humankind.

So the next time someone asks you: ” your money or your life?!”, you’il be able to say “i’ll take both, thank you

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