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You are not your brain PDF By Jeffrey Schwartz MD, Rebecca Gladding 2022

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Today, I want to review a book called ” You are not your brain the 4-step solution for changing Bad Habits, ending unhealthy thinking, and taking control of your life “, by Jeffery Schwartz and Rebecca Gladney.

The book here you can check it out when you get an opportunity, the reason why I think this book is so important for you as a coach, or for you just as an individual, that’s trying to develop better performance and worker in life, is the fact that this book focuses on helping you to understand how to overcome deceptive brain messages, now a deceptive brain message based on the book, is really any type of message or thought that comes to your mind.

That’s really counterproductive to you reaching your goals, now I would have to say, that every one of us goes through a process where we’re constantly hearing deceptive messages that are impacting our ability, ability to perform a produce.

So this book is really for anybody, and what they basically are talking about, is understanding the difference between your brain and your mind, so there’s the neuroplasticity of your brain, and it’s its ability to function, and do the things that it does naturally, you know it’s almost like a machine, and then there’s your mind which has the ability to accept the messages that the brain sends out or reject it, now typically what we do is when we get deceptive brain messages they keep coming at us and we a lot of times aren’t able to ignore them,

Because we don’t know how to utilize our brains to overcome those deceptive messages, so they go through a four-step process to help you do that, and that’s that process focuses on one relabeling. so that means you identify that the message is a deceptive message that you’re being sent from your brain, and it may come from feelings of inadequacy it could come from so many different things, or something that happened to you in the past, or a fear that you have, but the bottom line is if it’s deceptive you know, because it’s throwing you off your goal.

you’re gonna reframe, so you’re gonna tell yourself that you know this situation or this this thought, really is not productive, and then you’re going to refocus. so you’re going to place your on something else, that’s actually more productive because if you keep focusing on that dot or idea that keeps going through your mind, it’s going to throw you off your productivity, and then the fourth thing that you’re going to do is make sure that you renounce that idea or what they call revalue it.

so what you’re going to say is this message really is not productive, and this it’s not who I am, it doesn’t reflect me this is just a message going through my brain. So what you’re really doing is you’re making yourself develop higher levels of self-awareness about how your brain is functioning, and then you are becoming more aware of these deceptive brain messages, when you do that it allows you to overcome mental barriers, and achieve higher levels of performance, because you’re able to identify negative thinking and overcome it.

So I think this book is a great book for you to review, and look at whether you’re kochi, whether you’re trying to improve performance and work in life in sports it, doesn’t matter what your field, is the bottom line is we all deal with deceptive brain messages, and every one of us can continue to work on developing self mastery, through overcoming the messages that come to our brain that are not productive.

You are not your brain cover :

You Are Not Your Brain: The 4-Step Solution
You Are Not Your Brain: The 4-Step Solution

You are not your brain the 4-step solution contents :

  •  PART ONE – A Sense of Self
  • CHAPTER 1 – You Are Not Your Brain
  • CHAPTER 2 – Using Your Mind to Change Your Brain
  • CHAPTER 3 – Why Habits Are So Hard to Break
  • CHAPTER 4 – Why These Sensations Feel So Real
  • CHAPTER 5 – A New Sense of Self PART TWO – The Skills
  • CHAPTER 6 – Ignoring, Minimizing, and Neglecting
  • CHAPTER 7 – Moving Forward with the Four Steps
  • CHAPTER 8 – You Can’t Change What You Can’t See
  • CHAPTER 9 – Changing Your Relationship to Deceptive Brain Messages with Step 2: Reframe
  • CHAPTER 10 – Reframing Your Thinking Errors
  • CHAPTER 11 – The Power Is in the Focus
  • CHAPTER 12 – Progressive Mindfulness and Step 4: Revalue PART THREE – Applying the Four Steps to Your Life
  • CHAPTER 13 – What Is Going On Here?
  • CHAPTER 14 – Using the Four Steps to Help You Move Forward in Your Life
  • CHAPTER 15 – Putting It All Together

More image from book You are not your brain the 4-step solution :

You are not your brain the 4-step solution
You are not your brain the 4-step solution
You are not your brain the 4-step solution
You are not your brain the 4-step solution
You are not your brain the 4-step solution

You are not your brain the 4-step solution informations :

Book Title: ou are not your brain the 4-step solution
Author: Jeffrey Schwartz MD, Rebecca Gladding
Category: Psychology
Language: English
Pages: 327 Pages

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