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The sun and her flowers book PDF for free 2022

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the Sun around I thought, that was such a beautiful representation of love and relationship .
today I am doing a review of rupee Kors , second book in her poetry collection . called Sun in her flower, I did a publishe of her book milk and honey pdf , just over a week .so I will link it here and I’ve been so excited for her second book to come out .
so now that it’s finally here, I read it in about two days I don’t think I like one of them more than the other they’re
both just so incredible, so as you can read, I’ve slaved quite a bit of pages first poem, I have flagged is just a really nice little reminder, and there’s a few of them in this book ,

That I flagged and really liked, and this one just says, you do not just wake up. And and become the butterfly, and it’s called growth as a process. so I thought that was just a really nice one, because it’s such a good reminder of just like how hard we can be on ourselves, and that it’s important to be patient.

I love her, metaphors and her analogies, it’s just so beautiful and so creative. I love the way that she tells her stories, and the second one I wanted to share is really long, I think it’s about three pages, but if you have the book, it starts out in 94 and it goes until 96 and it’s called the art of growing and this one .

I think almost brought me to tears, and it’s just so powerful because the message is so real. She’s really just talking about how the way her body changed, and like how girls bodies change, and how she’s realizing that the world has since .Started to treat her differently

so boys, men, maybe other girls, and there’s a few passages in here, that I really loved I can’t wrap my head around the fact, that I have to convince half the world’s population. then my body is not their bed .
I am busy learning the consequences of womanhood when I should be learning science and math instead. I like cart wheels in gymnastics, so I can’t imagine walking around with my thighs pressed together, like they’re hiding a secret as if the acceptance of my own body parts, will invite thoughts of lust in their heads, I will not subject myself to their ideology, because slut-shaming is rape culture virgin praising is rape culture
that is like very powerful in the whole is that same tone, and it’s just so powerful to read , that especially as like young woman ,and people just like put the blame on women, because they think of the way that we dress or the way we act is like an opportunity for these terrible things to happen to some woman and it’s just so awful I wish just everyone could read and then
I wish that everybody could just start an entirely different conversation, About sexual assault harassment rape culture, anything like that , Because this just expresses so much frustration that, I’m sure so many girls relate to the next one it’s hopefully a little less heavy it is a little bit this one is on page 100 and it says wish pure love and soft peace upon the ones who have been unkind to you, and keep moving forward, and it’s called this will free you both, and I always write little notes when I read her book sometimes it leads me to writing longer poems but I’m not gonna share those because those are just like immediate thoughts of whatever true because when people disrespect us or unkind to us we don’t want to return .

The sun and her flowers book pdf cover

The sun and her flowers BOOK PDF
The sun and her flowers BOOK PDF

Contents :

  • Wailting
  • Falling
  • Rooting
  • Raising
  • Bloming

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The sun and her flowers BOOK PDF

Book Informations :

Book Title:  The sun and her flowers
Author: rupi kaur
Category: poetry
Language: English
Pages: 254 Pages

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