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In his quest to understand the universe in which he lives, man is confronted with three fundamental facts of nature: the existence of matter, of life, and of consciousness. In response to the first of these phenomena, he developed the sciences of physics and chemistry; in response to the second, he developed the science of biology; in response to the third, he developed the science of psychology. It is notorious that, to date, the greatest advances in knowledge have been achieved in the field of physics—the least, in the field of psychology

The explanation of this difference in the comparative rates of progress lies, at least in part, in the respective challenges posed by these three sciences. In seeking to identify laws of nature, man basically is seeking to identify the principles of action exhibited by entities in their behavior: to grasp what entities do in different contexts and why. Given this task, the job of the physicist is simpler than that of the biologist: the number of variables with which he must cope in studying the action of inanimate matter, the variety of actions possible to inanimate entities, is far less than that encountered in the behavior of living organisms. But the job of the biologist is simpler than that of the psychologist: a conscious living organism such as man exhibits a complexity and variety of behavior greater by far than that exhibited by any other entity, living or nonliving.

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The Psychology of Self-Esteem PDF
The Psychology of Self-Esteem PDF


Preface to the 32nd Anniversary Edition vii

Introduction xi

Part One: The Foundations 1

1. Psychology as a Science 3

2. Man: A Living Being 17

3. Man: A Rational Being 28

4. Man: A Being of Volitional Consciousness 36

5. Emotions 63

6. Mental Health 93

Part Two: The Psychology of Self-Esteem 107

7. The Nature and Source of Self-Esteem 109

8. Pseudo-Self-Esteem 139

9. Pathological Anxiety: A Crisis of Self-Esteem 153

10. Social Metaphysics 171

11. Self-Esteem and Romantic Love 194

12. Psychotherapy 218

Epilogue: Working with Self-Esteem in Psychotherapy 251

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The Psychology of Self-Esteem PDF
The Psychology of Self-Esteem PDF

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Book Title: The Psychology of Self-Esteem
Language: English
Pages:287 Pages

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