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The Oxford History Of The Classical World pdf

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A book written by a group of authors and edited by Oxford professors can be used as a handbook or short guide on the history of the civilizations of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Part 1 deals with Greece, part 2 with Hellenism and the development of the Roman Republic, and part 3 with Imperial Rome. The themes range from history, mythology and literary genres of the main antique authors to philosophy, art, architecture, and public and private life.

The Oxford History Of The Classical World pdf cover

The Oxford History Of The Classical World


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 Introduction (By Jasper Griffin)


 1. Greece: The History Of The Archaic Period (By George Forrest)

 2. Homer (By Oliver Taplin)

3. Greek Myth  And  Hesiod (By Jasper Griffin)

4. Lyric And   Elegiac Poetry (By Ewen Bowie)

5. Early Greek Philosophy (By Martin West)

6. Greece: The History Of The Classical Period (By Simon Hornblower)

7. Greek Drama (By Peter Levi)

8. Greek Historians (By Oswyn Murray)

9. Life And Society In Classical Greece (By Oswyn Murray)

10. Classical Greek Philosophy (By Julia Annas)

11. Greek Religion (By Robert Parker)

12. Greek Art And Architecture (By John Boardman)

 Greece And Rome

13. The History Of The Hellenistic Period (By Simon Price)

14. Hellenistic Culture And Literature (By Robin Lane Fox)

15. Hellenistic Philosophy And Science (By Jonathan Barnes)

16. Early Rome And Italy (By Michael Crawford)

17. The Expansion Of Rome (By Elizabeth Rawson)

18. The First Roman Literature (By P.G. McC. Brown)

19. Cicero And Rome (By Miriam Griffin)

20. The Poets Of The Late Republic (By Robin Nisbet)

21. Hellenistic And Graeco-Roman Art (By Roger Ling)


22. The Founding Of The Empire (By David Stockton)

23. The Arts Of Government (By Nicholas Purcell)

24. Augustan Poetry And Society (By R.O.A.M. Lyne)

25. Virgil (By Jasper Griffin)

26. Roman Historians (By Andrew Lintott)

27. The Arts Of Prose: The Early Empire (By Donald Russell)

28. Silver Latin Poetry And The Latin Novel (By Richard Jenkyns)

29. Later Philosophy (By Anthony Meredith)

30. The Arts Of Living (By Roger Ling)

31. Roman Life And Society (By John Matthews)

32. Roman Art And Architecture (By R.J.A. Wilson)

Envoi: On Taking Leave Of Antiquity (By Henry Chadwick)

Tables of Events

 Further Reading

 Descriptive List of Illustrations (Removed)

Index (Removed)

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Book Title: The Oxford History Of The Classical World          
Author: Jasper Griffin and Oswyn Murray John Boardman
Category: history
Language: English
Pages: 751 Pages

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