The Goldfinch, by D. Tartt Review by vanillahands:

When you feel homesick, just look up. Because the moon is the same wherever you go. The Goldfinch, by D. Tartt.

You guys,

Yesterday night I finished The Golfinch and I’m beyond shocked because don’t know how I feel about this book The Goldfinch, by D. Tartt .

I mean, reading it has been a great pain… but not in a good way: in some parts I just felt so tired of this book and I kept thinking about all of the other books I could be reading instead, but then something would kick into action and somehow bring my attention back again :/


The ending was superb, and it managed to uplift my overall rating, or appreciation, of the book The Goldfinch, by D. Tartt.

Still, even though I suffered so much while reading it, I think it was worth it, since it gives such crude and honest view on this great mystery which is our life, while still connecting all of this very finely to art.
My heart is in such a conflict for this book The Goldfinch, by D. Tartt, so PLEASE, give me your honest opinion, I need to know what impact it has had on other people.



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