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The stock market has been a cornerstone of the investor’s passive wealthbuilding program for over a century and continues in this role. The period of 1995–2005 was one huge roller coaster ride for stock investors. If it was a stock chart, the graph would look like Mt. Everest. Fortunes were made and lost. With just a little more knowledge and a few wealth-preserving techniques, more investors could have held onto their hard-earned stock market fortunes. With all the media attention, all the talking heads on radio and TV, and the books with titles like Dow at 36,000, the investing public still didn’t avoid losing trillions in a historic stock market debacle. Sadly, even the socalled experts who understood stocks didn’t see the economic and geopolitical forces that acted like a tsunami on the market. This book also gives you a “heads up” on those megatrends and events that will affect your stock portfolio. While other books may tell you about stocks, this book tells you about stocks and what affects them.

This book Stock investing for Dummies is designed to give you a realistic approach to making money in stocks. It provides the essence of sound, practical stock investing strategies and insights that have been market tested and proven from nearly a hundred years of stock market history. I don’t expect you to read it cover to cover, although I’d be delighted if you read every word! Instead, this book is designed as a reference tool. Feel free to read the chapters in whatever order you choose. You can flip to the sections and chapters that interest you or those that include topics that you need to know more about.

Stock Investing For Dummies, 2nd Edition, is also a book that is quite different from the “get rich with stocks” titles that have crammed the bookshelves in recent years. It doesn’t take a standard approach to the topic; it doesn’t assume that stocks are a sure thing and the be-all and end-all of wealth building. At times in this book, I tell you not to invest in stocks. This book can help you succeed not only in up markets but also in down markets. Bull markets and bear markets come and go, but the informed investor can keep making money no matter what. To give you an extra edge, I have tried to include information about the investing environment for stocks. Whether it is politics or hurricanes (or both), you need to know how “the big picture” affects your stock investment decisions.

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