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Speak to Win PDF How to Present with Power in Any Situation

Dwonlaod Speak to Win PDF

Your ability to speak to the public is essential to your success. Talking well can gain the respect and appreciation of others, make you more valuable to your company, and get the attention of people who can help you and open the doors to you. Good ability to talk will also convince people that you’re generally more talented and intelligent than others who don’t.

hat’s your most expensive property? Your mind. One of the most valuable skills you have is your ability to think well and express yourself clearly. This skill can help you earn more and get promoted faster than any other talent you can develop. After all, the only way you can prove your proficiency with a subject is to express your thoughts and thoughts clearly, loudly and in writing. When you talk well, people say, “He really knows what he’s talking about.”

Speak to Win PDF How to Present with Power in Any Situation (cover)

Speak to Win PDF book
Speak to Win PDF book

Speak to Win PDF Contents

  • Introduction: Speaking to Win
  • Chapter 1 The Arts of Speaking and Rhetoric
  • Chapter 2 Planning and Preparation Made Simple
  • Chapter 3 Self-Confidence and Mental Mastery: Eliminating the
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Chapter 4 Start Strong with Any Audience
  • Chapter 5 Mastering Meetings with Small Groups
  • Chapter 6 Mastering Small-Group Presentations and Negotiations
  • Chapter 7 Platform Mastery: Impressing Large Audiences
  • Chapter 8 Vocal Mastery: Powerful Voice Techniques
  • Chapter 9 Tricks of the Trade: Techniques of Master Speakers
  • Chapter 10 Controlling Your Space
  • Chapter 11 End with a Bang: Leave Them Breathless!
  • Chapter 12 Making Persuasive Sales Presentations

Here are some pictures from the book.

Book info

Book Title: Speak to Win How to Present with Power in Any Situation                     
Author: Brian Tracy
Category: Business & Career
Language: English
Pages: 209 Pages

Download Speak to Win pdf.

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