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Social Media Marketing By Dave Evans with Jake McKee

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Social Media Marketing The Next Generation of Business Engagement has become a primary tool for higher levels of fan engagement, directly driving lead generation through interaction and content sharing that is especially relevant to media companies. Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement deconstructs the tools and techniques, showing you how to apply social technology to your business.

Contents of this book Social Media Marketing PDF

  • Part I Social Business Fundamentals
  • Chapter 1 Social Media and Customer Engagement
  • Chapter 2 The New Role of the Customer
  • Chapter 3 Build a Social Business
  • Chapter 4 The Social Business Ecosystem
  • Part II Run a Social Business
  • Chapter 5 Social Technology and Business Decisions
  • Chapter 6 Social Analytics, Metrics, and Measurement
  • Chapter 7 Five Essential Tips
  • Part III Social Business Building Blocks
  • Chapter 8 Engagement on the Social Web
  • Chapter 9 Social CRM
  • Chapter 10 Social Objects
  • Chapter 11 The Social Graph
  • Chapter 12 Social Applications

“If you have questions, go to the store. Your customers have the answers.”

Sam Walton, founder, Walmart

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