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Secrets of mental math pdf

Download Secrets of mental math pdf

Secrets of mental math, The Mathemagician’s Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks.

Secrets of mental math pdf
Secrets of mental math pdf

Mathematics is a wonderful, elegant, and exceedingly useful language. It has its own vocabulary and syntax, its own verbs, nouns, and modifiers, and its own dialects and patois. It is used brilliantly by some, poorly by others. Some of us fear to pursue its more esoteric uses, while a few of us wield it like a sword to attack and conquer income tax forms or masses of data that resist the less courageous. This book does not guarantee to turn you into a Leibniz, or put you on stage as a Professor Algebra, but it will, I hope, bring you a new, exciting, and even entertaining view of what can be done with that wonderful invention—numbers.

Contents of Secrets of mental math pdf

  • Foreword by Bill Nye (the Science Guy®)
  • Foreword by James Randi
  • Prologue by Michael Shermer
  • Introduction by Arthur Benjamin
  • Chapter 0 Quick Tricks:
  • Easy (and Impressive) Calculations
  • Chapter 1 A Little Give and Take:
  • Mental Addition and Subtraction
  • Chapter 2 Products of a Misspent Youth:
  • Basic Multiplication
  • Chapter 3 New and Improved Products:
  • Intermediate Multiplication
  • Chapter 4 Divide and Conquer:
  • Mental Division
  • Chapter 5 Good Enough:
  • The Art of “Guesstimation”
  • Chapter 6 Math for the Board:
  • Pencil-and-Paper Math
  • Chapter 7 A Memorable Chapter:
  • Memorizing Numbers
  • Chapter 8 The Tough Stuff Made Easy:
  • Advanced Multiplication
  • Chapter 9 Presto-digit-ation:
  • The Art of Mathematical Magic
  • Chapter 10 Epilogue by Michael Shermer:
  • How Math Helps Us Think About
  • Weird Things

Book info Secrets of mental math pdf

Book Title: Secrets of mental math
Author: Arthur Benjamin and Michael Shermer
Category: Maths
Language: English
Pages: 305 Pages

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