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Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

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Today we have Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, this book it’s a very interesting book, and it’s actually not that pracical in terms of it’s not going to tell how to invest your money or what funds to invest in, how to buy property or anything like that, but it’s more about a state of mind.

So basically this guy Robert Kiyosaki  he’s from Hawaii.

Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF by Robert Kiyosaki (Cover):

Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF by Robert Kiyosaki
Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF by Robert Kiyosaki

He had two debts where Ganesh had one dad his dad was what he describe in the book as his poor dad, who was actually a university professor, his income wasn’t actually that low, but it was just his state of mind made Robert Kiyosaki refer to missus pulled out his friend’s dad who was a business owner was his Rich dad.

This book Rich dad Poor dad is dedicated to al parenys everywhere a child’s most important teachers.

Things that this book points out basically there are two key points which i think some of the most important points of this book, obvious if you want to know all about it you git to read it, but very simpligying it into two key points which i take away from this book is most important:

Number one : is most important number one is their princicple that the poor, and in by saying poor, he actually often includes people with middle, you know middle class incomes he uses the word poor as more of a state of mind. So the poor buy liabilities and the rich buy assets.

What he means by this is when the poor get their paychecks they go out and buy things like: cars, big-screen TVs, houses to live in themselves… They buy things that are liabilities, they’re gonna bleed money… All thes kind of things bleed money, but i you buy assets that could include investing in stoocks that are going to pay you dividends every year, you spend 100000 dollars to buy a stock and then it pays you five thousand dollars five percent every year gives you cash flow it’s making your money work for you.

The seconde principle from this book Rich dad Poor dad which i find very intersting is Robert Kiyosaki explains the different ways in which the poor and the rich pay taxes and it turns out that poor actually pay it a larger proportion of their income as taxes than the rich, this is because the poor tend to be employees okay.

And in this we’re including middle income people with 70 – 80 – 10000 dollars annual income even seval hundred thousand dollar icnome as long as you’re an employee you are in the same boat you’re paying taxes at the federal income rate wich stars at ten percent at very low income and goes all the way up to about thrty nine percent now this year, but the rich aren’t employees they are owners of companies, and if you own a company, whatever that company does, the money that company makes will be paid to you in the form of the dividend, and dividends are taxed at diferent rates to income often much lower rates, especially if you’ve held the shares for a longer period of time the dividend will be taxed at a lower rate, they also earn some of their money through capital gains for example selling sort of buying a share holding it for a period of time and then selling it if you hold a stock for a period of time longer than a year the capital gain on that stock is taxed at a much lower rate than normal federal income tax.

There are a lot if tips that you can use to help your personal finances both in you know how to buy assets that are going to develop long-term income for tou and structuring the way you do your business setting up a company to reduce your tax burden etc… which by the way are all legal nothing in this book is illegal.

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