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Principles of Private Firm Valuation

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T he intended audience for Principles of Private Firm Valuation is CPAs, valuation analysts, and CFOs of private firms. Many of the valuation issues these groups deal with are uniquely related to accurately measuring the value of private firms. Several well-known academic and practitioner books deal with the valuation of both public and private businesses. Principles added value is that it integrates academic research results with on-theground practical experience to provide a more disciplined guidance on how to address several unresolved issues in the arena of private firm valuation:

■ Assessing which valuation method is most accurate.

■ Estimating the size of the marketability discount; a reduction in value due to the inability to convert to cash at fair market value in a costeffective way.

■ Estimating the value of control and its implication for valuing minority interests in a private firm.

■ The influence of taxes on firm value and, specifically, whether S corporations are worth more than equivalent C corporations.

■ How best to estimate a private firm’s cost of capital.

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Principles of Private Firm Valuation
Principles of Private Firm Valuation

Contents of Principles of Private Firm Valuation

  • Preface
  • CHAPTER 1 : The Value of Fair Market Value
  • CHAPTER 2 : Creating and Measuring the Value of Private Firms
  • CHAPTER 3 : The Restructuring of Frier Manufacturing
  • CHAPTER 4 : Valuation Models and Metrics: Discounted Free Cash Flow and the Method of Multiples
  • CHAPTER 5 : Estimating the Cost of Capital
  • CHAPTER 6 : The Value of Liquidity: Estimating the Size of the Liquidity Discount
  • CHAPTER 7 : Estimating the Value of Control
  • CHAPTER 8 : Taxes and Firm Value
  • CHAPTER 9 : Valuation and Financial Reports: The Case of Measuring
  • Goodwill Impairment
  • Notes

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Book info Principles of Private Firm Valuation

Book Title: Principles of Private Firm Valuation
Category: Fiance
Language: English
Pages: 195 Pages
Edition: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. / Wiley Finance

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