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Personal Finance for Dummies PDF

Title of book: Personal Finance for Dummies
Author: Eric Tyson, MBA
Language: English
Categories: FianceBusiness & Career
Pages: 483 Pages

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This book Personal Finance for Dummies PDF is hereby and irrevocably dedicated to my family and friends, as well as to my counseling clients and customers, who ultimately have taught me everything that I know about how to explain fi nancial terms and strategies so that all of us may benefi t.

About This Book

You selected wisely in picking up a copy of Personal Finance For Dummies, 6th Edition! Nearly 2 million copies of prior editions of this book are in print, and as you can see from the quotes in the front of this edition, readers and reviewers alike were pleased with those editions. This book was also previously awarded the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award for best book of the year in business.

However, I never rest on my laurels. So the book you hold in your hands reflects more hard work and brings you the freshest material for addressing your personal financial quandaries. Here are some of the major updates you may notice as you peruse the pages of this book:

✓ Coverage of new and revised tax laws and how to best take advantageof them.

✓ The latest information on what’s going on with government assistance programs, Social Security, and Medicare and what it means in terms of how you should prepare for and live in retirement.

✓ Updated investment recommendations — especially in the areas of mutual funds/other managed investments and real estate — throughout Part III.

✓ Updated coverage of the best ways to reduce, minimize the cost of, and eliminate consumer debt.

✓ Additional coverage of smart ways to use credit and qualify for the best loan terms, as well as how to understand — and improve —your credit scores.

✓ Revised recommendations for where to get the best insurance deals and expanded coverage on preparing for natural disasters.

✓ Expanded and updated coverage of how to use and make sense of the news and financial resources (especially online resources)

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