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November 9 PDF a novel by Colleen Hoover pdf

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You dont know anything about November 9 a novel by colleen hoover, So it is about this young woman she is i think 18 years old. at the start of the book, and she has been enough fire like two years prior to this book starting and so she has scarring pretty much all over a third of her body,

So she has really big issues with her self-esteem, she doesn’t think, she’s beautiful whatsoever, she was an actress before, like a child star teen actress, and not fell off when she got all scarred, because nobody really wanted to hire her, and she also just lost to self confidence in herself, to really pursue it much further luck on the film big screen kind of way, and so she meets this guy right before, she’s leaving for New York City, and she lives in LA, so I mean we’re talking opposite of America .

they make up this pact you could call it, I guess that they’re going to see each other on november ninth every year.
until she’s 23 because her mother told her when she’s 23, and older she’s able to fall in love, but before then she wouldn’t know who she was, and so she shouldn’t fall in love with anyone.

because identity would get wrapped up in the other person, and she just never would find out who she.
Actually is so she held to this very very strong, like I say every november nine we’re gonna see each other, and we cannot talk to each other at all throughout the year, we can’t facebook stalk each other no social media contact, like absolutely no contact except for one day a year, which is just crazy to me it’s definitely something that i think is a good idea for a book.

because it’s just something so unbelievable, like I said before I really had to suspend my idea of reality for this story to actually be plausible, but it was definitely entertaining one thing, I also have to critique about this book; is that the characters and their feelings for each other, I were very intense, I wanna thought it was way, too intense for first meeting someone,

I mean it made it out to them being soulmates, and something like that, but it was so much intensity, so quickly that it just kind of threw me off, because I like that give me you, become friends, maybe there’s something more, maybe you hate each other at the start, and then maybe you start to get to know each other, but it was like instantly there was fire and passion,

And such a strong connection, and it was still intense, but it just also detracted from the reality a bit for my perspective, but like I said, I know, I’m using this, but like a really bad, just start off with I did really start enjoying it a little bit more as, like I just kind of got used to what this story,

Was going to be about, and as the story went on it is really cool, how it takes place over the course of its like five or six years, so you get to see these characters kind of grow, and go through a whole different stages of their lives, which I think was great, and there is a plot twist at the end, which I think did add a lot more depth that I feel like I was missing out on for the beginning half of the book.

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November 9 a novel by colleen hoover pdf
November 9 pdf a novel by colleen hoover pdf

Table of contents :

  • First November 9th
  • Second November 9th
  • Third November 9th
  • Fourth November 9th
  • Fiveth November 9th
  • Sixth November 9th
  • Ben’s novel—CHAPTER ONE
  • Ben’s novel—CHAPTER TWO
  • Ben’s novel—CHAPTER THREE
  • Ben’s novel—CHAPTER FOUR
  • Last November 9th

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November 9 a novel by colleen hoover informations :

Book Title: November 9 a novel by colleen hoover
Author: Colleen Hoover
Category: Romance
Language: English
Pages: 253 Pages

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