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NLP At Work: The Difference that Makes the Difference in Business

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Introduction of this book NLP At Work: The Difference that Makes the Difference in Business: When I wrote the first edition of NLP at Work over five years ago, NLP was virtually unheard of in the world of business. I wrote the book in order to make NLP much more accessible to people at work, especially those who recognized that everyone has a leader “within.” I believed then as I do now that we can transform for the better the way we communicate with each other and the way we work. My experience as a consultant for over 30 years has shown me that humane communication is good business communication. My work is not just about making organizations good places to be, it is about making them successful places. I was aware of the quality and the enormity of the changes that could take place even though I could not predict them precisely. And I certainly could not have predicted the changes in my own circumstances.

I have transformed the way I work. More to the point, developments in technology have allowed me to work in a very different way to five years ago. I no longer administer a team of associates and instead collaborate with other entrepreneurial organizations via the web. I believe that we can create a culture of abundance in the way we work and consequently I have set up my own website with the goal of giving away as many of my thoughts and ideas as quickly as I can ( Ideas grow into places where there is space for them. I now have five books published and NLP at Work has been translated into eight languages. As a result of the promotion of NLP through the books especially, I am very fortunate in that most business comes to me. We no longer do any mailshots or cold calls; my aim is to attract the people and the companies who can benefit most from the kind of work I do and the way I do it.

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