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Medical Microbiology Book

Medical Microbiology book PDF

The book Medical Microbiology is divided into six main sections. The color-coded reference guide on the first page will help you find what you need.

Medical Microbiology (Cover):

Medical Microbiology book
Medical Microbiology book

The aspects of each pathogen are covered systematically, using the following order wherever practicable:

  • Classification
  • Pathogenesis and Clinical Picture
  • Localization
  • Diagnosis
  • Morphology and Culturing
  • Therapy
  • Developmental Cycle
  • Epidemiology and Prophylaxis

Medical Microbiology Content

I Basic Principles
General Aspects of Medical Microbiology
Basic Principles of Immunology
II Bacteriology
General Bacteriology
Bacteria as Human Pathogens
III Mycology
General Mycology
Fungi as Human Pathogens
IV Virology
General Virology
Viruses as Human Pathogens
V Parasitology
VI Organ System Infections
Etiological and Laboratory
Diagnostic Summaries in Tabular Form

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