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Marine Insurance Law By Özlem Gürses

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Insurable interest is a complex subject in marine insurance. The complexity is dual: a number of different legislative instruments, as well as the lack of an exact definition or test governing it, cause problems. The matter is sometimes a question of construction in which the courts may find insurable interest because it is commercially convenient or because it is a broad concept. Insurable interest in life insurance and indemnity insurance is regulated and interpreted differently. Since a contract of marine insurance is a contract of indemnity, in this chapter only insurable interest in the context of indemnity insurance will be discussed.

Marine Insurance Law By Özlem Gürses
Marine Insurance Law By Özlem Gürses

Contents of this book

Table of Cases xiii
Table of Statutes and Other Instruments xxvii
Preface xxxi
1 Introduction to Marine Insurance 1
2 Formation of Insurance Contracts 19
3 Insurable Interest 31
4 Duty of Utmost Good Faith 50
5 Warranties 99
6 The Premium 124
7 Causation and Marine Perils 148
8 Actual Total Loss 184
9 Constructive Total Loss 199
10 Partial Loss (Particular Average) 214
11 Sue and Labour Expenses 224
12 Fraudulent Claims 244
13 Subrogation 257
14 Brokers 288
15 Reinsurance 309
Index 331

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