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Living in the Light: A guide to personal transformation

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In the first edition of living in the light, shakti Gawain introduced o millions of readers a powrful new wa of life _ one wher we listen to our intution and rely on it as a guiding force. In this new revision of her classic bestseller, Shakti addresses the importance of acknowledging ad embracing our disowned energiesç our shadow side.

Living in the Light: A guide to personal transformation (Cover):

Living in the Light pdf

this new and exciting material has given the phrase living in the light a deeper and richer mmeaning. It shows us how to have far more power and balance in our livres by focusing the light of our awareness on all of the many aspects of who we are, including what we have feared and rejected.

Both first-time readers and long-time fans will be inspired on their journey of self-discovery by this new edition of living in the light. Personal fulfillment, aliveness, and crearivity awai those who open themselves o the ideas of this remarkable book: Living in the Light: A guide to personal transformation.

Living in the light a guide to personal transformation pdf


I would like to acknowledge Laurel King for her help with the original edition of this book. I appreciate Lora O’Connor for her many valuable suggestions and overall support in creating this revised edition. I’m very grateful to Becky Benenate, my editor for the revised edition, for all her help and especially her willingness to work with my schedule and pull off a miracle of timing! Thanks to Katherine Dieter for her input, and to Marc Allen for his ongoing support. Kathy Altman, as always, has contributed her ideas and energy to the project. Jim Burns, thank you for your love and encouragement. Most of all I thank my readers, whose love and appreciation has been my inspiration and my reward.

Contents of Living in the Light: A guide to personal transformation

  • Author’s Preface to the Revised Edition 1
  • Introduction of Living in the Light pdf 4
  • Part One — The Principles
  • A New Way of Life 27
  • The Higher Power Within Us 33
  • Intuition 37
  • Becoming a Creative Channel 44
  • Exploring Our Many Selves 55
  • The World as Our Mirror 63
  • Spirit and Form 75
  • The Male and Female Within 86
  • Men and Women 98
  • East and West: A New Challenge 108
  • Part Two — Living the Principles
  • Trusting Intuition 115
  • Feelings 130
  • Balancing Being and Doing 138
  • Authoritarian and Rebel 143
  • Relationships 149
  • Our Children 168
  • Work and Play 179
  • Money 188
  • Health 205
  • Your Perfect Body 214
  • Life and Death 224
  • Transforming Our World 228
  • A Vision Living in the Light: A guide to personal transformation 242
  • Recommended Resources 243

Chapter Twenty-T hree A Vision

From the window of my apartment, I look across the San Francisco Bay at the beautiful city of San Francisco. The light on the water and on the city skyline is constantly changing. Sometimes it is cloudy and misty, sometimes bright and shining, but it always looks mystical. Perhaps this view inspired an image that I frequently have:

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I see an ancient city, gray and decaying. It is literally disintegrating, the old structures crumbling into piles of rubble. But it is being pushed aside because in its place, a beautiful new city is arising. This new city is magical — it seems to shimmer delicately with every color in the universe. I know that it is being built inside of us. It is created from the light.

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