If We Were Villains, by M. L. Rio Review

If We Were Villains, by M. L. Rio Review By vanillahands

For someone who loved words as much as I did, it was amazing how often they failed me. If We Were Villains, by M. L. Rio.

Hi everybody

Last night, to be specific at 1:30 am,i finished If We Were Villains, and you know what? I hated it.

Wait, what was that sound? Ah yes, your hearts breaking. Okay, let’s talk about it.

This book If We Were Villains has put me in such a rage I was literally unable to fall asleep; like, almost anything that happened in this book made absolutely no sense to me and THE END?! I’m sweating while writing this, and I know some of you will hate me, but I’m just trying to be completely honest and express my opinions and what I felt while reading this book If We Were Villains.

I really tried to like it and immerse myself into it, but it just couldn’t get me.

Am I the only one feeling this way?? I’m curious to hear YOUR opinions about this because I honestly feel I’m the only weirdo who wasn’t able to appreciate this book.

ALSO, do you have any “dark academia” books to recommend? (keep in mind that I absolutely loved The Secret History)

(btw, I had to write this three times, that’s how this book makes me feel, violent)

What do you think?

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