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How to read faster and recall more.. Learn The of speed reading with maximum recall, by Gordon Wainwright in

Before you begin the process of improving your reading skills, you need to know where you are starting from. Reading performance is traditionally measured purely in terms of comprehension, but most people want to be able to deal with their daily reading faster and yet recall it effectively when required. Neither of these is assessed in school comprehension tests, yet good recall is essential for better comprehension. A prerequisite for achieving this is to find out what your reading speeds and recall levels are before you begin trying some new techniques. This chapter is therefore devoted to assessing the starting point for this programme of training.

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Reading speed and post-reading recall:

Before you begin working through this book and before you succumb to the temptation to look ahead and see what is coming, you should measure your present reading speed and post-reading recall. It is important to measure the latter because, if recall is not good immediately after reading something, it is not likely to improve later. You will find two exercises in the following pages that will enable you to do this, together with instructions on precisely how to complete them.

You should tackle these exercises as soon as possible because if you are tempted to look ahead at the rest of this book, this may influence the way in which you approach them and prevent you from finding out how good your reading skills were before you picked this book up..

How to read faster and recall More :

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