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Health Ethics and Law PDF For Health Extension Workers

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Currently the government of Ethiopia has decided to introduce an innovative community-based health care delivery system aimed at creating healthy environment as well as healthful living by introducing a Health Extension package programme. Health Ethics and Law For Health Extension Workers.

The health extension service is being provided as a package focusing on preventive health measures targeting households at the kebele level. A new cadre of health namely health extension package workers are undergoing training to take responsibilities in implementing health extension programme.

The delivery of a meaningful health service can only be successful when accompanied by sound principle of Health Ethics and adequate knowledge of health laws related to health service delivery system.

Ethics is a system of moral principles, rules of conduct about a particular class of human action or a particular group of people. It is also that branch of philosophy dealing with value relating to human conduct in respect to whether certain actions are right or wrong and whether the motives and ends of such actions are good or bad.

The issue of human rights-personal, civic and those that are international in scope has been brought often to the public’s attention in the past several years. Nowhere is this issue more important than in delivery of health care.

The preparation of this lecture note on health Ethics and health laws is important and timely as there is no appropriate book to address the subject in teaching health Extension Package Workers.

As morals and ethics of society in general are changing, health care ethics merely reflects and absorbs this change. It is obvious, therefore that this lecture note of health Ethics and health laws for health extension package workers will require periodic review based on social, health and legal progress.

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Health Ethics and Law or Health Extension Workers (Cover):

Health Ethics and Law PDF For Health Extension Workers
Health Ethics and Law PDF For Health Extension Workers

Table of Contents

Acknowledgement i
Table of contents ii
Introduction  Health Ethics and Law For Health Extension Workers 1
UNIT ONE: Background and Rationale 3
11 Background  3
12 Rationale of Ethics  8
UNIT TWO: Health Ethics  10
UNIT THREE: Principles of Ethics for Health Extension Workers 15
UNIT FOUR: Existing Health Laws in Ethiopia 22
Bibliography 42
Appendix 1: Public Health Proclamation45

Health Ethics and Law For Health Extension Workers.

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