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Girl, Woman, Other is a novel written by the British writer Bernardine Evaristo (1959). It revolves around the lives of twelve characters in the United Kingdom mostly women through the years. It is worth to mention that the novel Girl, Woman, Other won the 2019 Booker Prize. Mostly women, black and British, they tell the stories of their families, friends and lovers.

“Courtney added that as she only fancies black men and is likely going to have mixed-race children, her ‘white privilege’ is in any case going to be seriously dented, like at least 50% of it, and it’s incredible in this day and age that she’d never met any black people in the flesh before she came to university from Dartingford which is entirely white except for three Asians” 

“life was different before 9/11, Waris said, as they left the town behind and walked along a busy main road passing big old houses made of thick slabs of grey stone; she was too young to remember the ‘before era’, when her mother said people looked at hijabbed women with surprise, curiosity or pity”.

Girl, Woman, Other PDF (cover)

Girl, Woman, Other
Girl, Woman, Other

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Contents of Girl, Woman, Other PDF

  • Chapter 1: Amma | Yazz | Dominique
  • Chapter 2: Carole | Bummi | LaTisha
  • Chapter 3: Shirley | Winsome | Penelope
  • Chapter 4: Megan | Morgan | HattieGrace
  • Chapter 5: The After-party
  • Epilogue
  • Acknowledgements

What did people say about the book : Girl, Woman, Other pdf?

Girl woman other bernardine evaristo review :

Girl, Woman, Other follows a string of women in the UK, and all are women of color with a fair amount of varying sexual orientation. Each section has its own voice and style while the characters interact with each other throughout (so the reader gets different versions/perspectives of some of the characters.) I thought it was very joyful to read and it has become a favorite from the shortlist, when my assumption before starting was that it would be too UK oriented to be relevant. (So give it a try!)

Jenny (Reading Envy)

I’m going to overlook the few problems this has and simply rate it in direct proportion to how much of an antidote it is to the jokers who are currently trying to destroy the UK, and how much I think everyone should read it, especially if they want to remind themselves what defiantly empathetic, perfectly-controlled, generous, funny, unflinching-yet-uplifting fiction looks like.


This was my first experience of reading Evaristo, and on balance it was a positive one. It occupies the grey area between short story collection and novel – each of the first 12 sections could be a story in its own right, and relates the life story of a different woman (or in one case a trans person) and all of them have at least some black roots



Bernardine Evaristo is a British writer, born in Woolwich, south east London to an English mother and Nigerian father. She has written novels in various mixes of prose and poetry; she has also written poems, radio plays, and theatre plays. Among her other honours, The Emperor’s Babe was chosen as one of the Times’ “100 Best Books of the Decade” and Evaristo was named a Member of the British Empire (MBE) for being “a major voice in the multicultural panorama of British literature”.

Info Novel Girl, woman, Other PDF by Bernardine Evaristo

Title: Girl, Woman, Other
 Author: Bernardine Evaristo
 Categories: Fiction & Literature.Novel.
 Genre: Finction
 Language: English
 Pages: 197 pages
 Publisher: Hamish Hamilton
 ISBN: 9780241364901

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