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Download Free English Grammar by Jonathan Lewis pdf

Download Free English Grammar by Jonathan Lewis

There is a big difference between understanding the grammar of a language and being able to speak that language well.

You don’t need to understand how a car engine works in order to drive a car.

And you don’t need to understand grammar to speak a language.

Knowing grammar will, however, perhaps give you more confidence to speak, as you will be less afraid of making mistakes.

Almost every grammar rule has an exception, so the best way to improve your English is to practise as much as you can.

Free English Grammar by Jonathan Lewis pdf (Cover):

Free English Grammar by Jonathan Lewis
Free English Grammar by Jonathan Lewis

About Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis has taught English in France for six years, and has worked for the French ministry of education (Education Nationale) as teacher and examiner. In his native England, he used to train young people in sales and business administration. He doesn’t like the traditional grammar-based approach to language learning, but prefers to teach communicatively, that is, by getting to students to talk in class, while monitoring their use of language.

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Here are some extracts from Free English Grammar PDF

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  •  Book Title: Free English Grammar
  •  Author: Mary Ansell
  •  Category: Grammar.
  •  Genre: Grammar
  •  Collection: English Grammar
  •  Pages: 488 Pages
  •  Size: 5.64 Mo
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  •  ISBN: Free Edition

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