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CRITICAL THINKING: Consider the Verdict Sixth Edition

The sixth edition of Critical Thinking: Consider the Verdict contains a number of important changes and additions.

• Extensive new discussion of cooperative critical thinking (as distinguished from adversarial critical thinking), and examination of its special strengths and the contexts in which it is most effective.

• New and updated exercises and examples in every chapter.

• A new section on definitions, including examination of misleading definitions.

• Extensive new material on statistical fallacies and deceptions.

• A new section on the importance of scientific integrity and scientific cooperation.

• Additional new exercises in the special-review sections (the sections of cumulative exercises).

CRITICAL THINKING Consider the Verdict Sixth Edition
CRITICAL THINKING Consider the Verdict Sixth Edition

Critical Thinking: Consider the Verdict, sixth edition, provides a solid introduction to critical thinking; Chapters 18 and 19 offer introductory instruction in symbolic logic. Those two chapters are self-contained, and you may do either or both at any point in the course, or skip them altogether. The boxed exercises and examples throughout the text are not essential to understanding the chapters, but they do present interesting material and challenging questions. You can skip them, but you’ll miss a lot of the fun.

Book Title: CRITICAL THINKING: Consider the Verdict Sixth Edition
Author: Bruce N. Waller
Category: Business & Career
Language: English
Pages: 472 Pages

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