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Confess Colleen Hoover book pdf 2022

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Hello! Today I’m going to do another book review, this time it is confessed Colleen Hoover . And I’m already like addicted to her writing and I can’t wait to pick up her others, I’ve heard really great things about her, I’m really excited to finally have read the first book, and this one within the first ten pages totally ripped my heart out, I was on the verge of crying and not like tears, like a full-on ugly cry, like it was so beautiful,but so sad, and like I said it was literally like breaking my heart.

I put it down and wasn’t sure if I was gonna be able to pick it back up torn apart um luckily for us this doesn’t in the same way as Romeo and Juliet, otherwise I would really be sad, but we do find out that auburn also had this crazy twist that I did not see coming, did not expect it, and actually thought it was really fitting for her, and made her more relatable, and kind of got to know her a little bit better, because at first I I mean I think she was a great character, but I didn’t really connect as well with

her until, I found out about that little twist, and then I definitely loved her, and understood why she was doing the things that she was doing, so like I said Owen was keeping these secrets um, and as things start to unravel there’s always another layer, and so as things keep getting like revealed you still know
that there’s something else missing.

So you wait this entire book, trying to figure out how it all comes together, and when it does it’s so beautiful, and so awesome and I loved the ending I think it was just an incredible book, I’m definitely in love with Colleen hoover, books and I’m excited to read a next one, I’ve heard good things about ugly love, I’ll probably end up picking up an ugly love, because I’ve heard such good things about it.

And also November nine, so I think I need to look into that too, but anyways, I just think this book was so incredible, so like I said I loved attending, their story was beautiful,

I love that they had this amazing strength to keep them together, and everything that kind of happened, they had these funny moments, It was so cute It had me like kind of gidly with their little love story it’s just really really cute.

I think the other great thing about this book is it has these really cool the paintings in here that kind of correlate with certain parts of the story, and their beautiful work, so I think just by adding us it added another element to this book, and it was awesome, so I definitely loved it,

I really, really enjoyed it, and like I said I for her first book that I’ve it, and I mean seriously, these are so beautiful if you haven’t read it you definitely should, I enjoyed it, I would give it a 5 out of 5, and there’s I think this is up there with the before we were strangers like I loved it that much and it’s just awesome so hope you guys enjoyed this book review

if you have read it let me know what you thought about it because sometimes I’ve I’ve kind of figured out that there are a little bit mixed reviews on some of her books

Confess Colleen Hoover book pdf cover:

Confess Colleen Hoover book pdf
Confess Colleen Hoover book pdf

Contents of Confess Colleen Hoover BOOK :

1 : Part One

  • Prologue: Auburn
  • Chapter One: Auburn
  • Chapter Two: Owen
  • Chapter Three: Auburn
  • Chapter Four: Owen
  • Chapter Five: Auburn
  • Chapter Six: Owen
  • Chapter Seven: Auburn
  • Chapter Eight: Owen
  • Chapter Nine: Auburn
  • Chapter Ten: Owen
  • Chapter Eleven: Auburn
  • Chapter Twelve: Owen
  • Chapter Thirteen: Auburn
  • Chapter Fourteen: Owen

2 : Part Two

  • Chapter Fifteen: Auburn
  • Chapter Sixteen: Owen
  • Chapter Seventeen: Auburn
  • Chapter Eighteen: Owen
  • Chapter Nineteen: Auburn
  • Chapter Twenty: Owen
  • Chapter Twenty-One: Auburn
  • Chapter Twenty-Two: Owen
  • Chapter Twenty-Three: Auburn
  • Chapter Twenty-Four: Owe

3 : Five Years Earlier: Owen

4 : Photographs

More picture :

Confess Colleen Hoover pdf informations :

Book Title:  Confess
Author: Colleen Hoover
Category: A Novel / Romance
Language: English
Pages: 243 Pages

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