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Business Law book By Sarah Riches and Vida Allen

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This book Business Law PDF is designed for students studying Business Law at a variety of levels as part of a Business course.

Preface of Book Keenan and Riches’ business law : We have assumed that the reader has no previous knowledge of English law; our starting point is basic principles and, when specialist legal terms are used, we have given clear ‘jargon free’ explanations. The book is designed to give the reader an understanding of the changing legal framework within which modern business organisations must operate. The emphasis is on law in its business context. Thus a range of business documents has been included, enabling the reader to relate the principles of business law to the real world of business.

Business Law book PDF By Sarah Riches and Vida Allen (Cover):

Business Law book
Business Law book

In this connection our thanks go to the Consumer Credit Trade Association, the Road Haulage Association and HMSO for giving us their kind permission to reproduce certain of these documents. The reader should appreciate that the versions of these documents and forms appearing in our text are reduced in size, and also that copyright in them must be respected. This extends also to any alterations or variations in them without the authorisation of the owner of the copyright.

The teaching and learning strategies for higher level courses stress the development of a variety of learning activities, with students increasingly taking greater responsibility for their own learning. At the end of each chapter we have provided a selection of self-test questions and activities related specifically to the material introduced in that chapter and a number of specimen examination questions.

There is a companion website for the book at, which features regular updates on the law so that lecturers and students will remain up to date with new legislative and case developments. The website also provides selected outline answers to the self-test questions in the book. Lecturers who adopt the book can also access masters of diagrams and forms in the book and outline answers to the specimen examination questions.

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The rate of legal change has continued apace since the last edition. The text has been thoroughly updated to incorporate changes in business law, especially the following:

  • New developments in consumer protection law, including the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008
  • Expansion of the treatment of the tort of negligence to include the development of the law in relation liability for nervous shock
  • Companies Act 2006
  • The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 Amendment Regulations 2008.

We have used the terminology introduced by Lord Woolf’s civil justice reforms throughout the text. For example, we have used the term ‘claimant’ for all cases to describe the person with a complaint, even though the person was described as ‘plaintiff ’ before the changes in civil procedure on 26 April 1999.

In December 2007 we were saddened to learn of the death of Denis Keenan, who had co-authored Business Law for eight editions over a 20 year period. Denis made an enormous contribution to legal education. Generations of students are indebted to him for his clear exposition of complex legal ideas. We wish to thank Mary Keenan for her generous support for the continued publication of new editions of Business Law.

In conclusion, Sarah Riches extends her thanks to Ciaran and Brian McCaughey and Vida Allen would like to express sincere thanks to her family for their support.

Our thanks go to those who were closely involved with this edition, in particular Zoë Botterill, Katherine Cowdrey, Elizabeth Rix, Gail Capper and other members of staff at Pearson Education. Our thanks also go to those who set, printed and bound the book. For errors and omissions we are, of course, solely responsible. Preface of book Business Law PDF By: Sarah Riches And Vida Allen. Source: keenan and riches business law pdf

Brief contents of book Business Law PDF

Business Law book PDF By Sarah Riches and Vida Allen

  • Guided tour xii
  • Preface xvii
  • Legal study skills xviii
  • Case names, citations and law report abbreviations xxi
  • Acknowledgements xxiv
  • Table of cases keenan and riches’ business law xxv
  • Table of statutes xxxviii
  • Table of statutory instruments xli
  • Table of European and other legislation xliv
  • 1 The nature of law 3
  • 2 Law making 12
  • 3 Resolving disputes 45
  • 4 Classification and survey of types of business organisation 73
  • 5 Non-corporate organisations – sole traders and partnerships 97
  • 6 Companies 147
  • 7 Introduction to the law of contract 203
  • 8 Types of business contract 266
  • 9 The terms of business contracts 279
  • 10 Contracts for the supply of goods and services 302
  • 11 Business and the law of tort 330
  • 12 Criminal liability in business 358
  • 13 Credit 380
  • 14 Consumer protection 401
  • 15 Business property 421
  • 16 Employing labour 452
  • Index Business Law book PDF By Sarah Riches and Vida Allen 567

Acknowledgements ( keenan and riches’ business law )

We are grateful to the following for permission to reproduce copyright material:


  • Figure 8.1 from the Consumer Credit Trade Association, by kind permission of the Consumer Credit Trade Association;
  • Figure 8.2 from the Road Haulage Association Ltd, by permission of the Road Haulage Association Ltd;
  • Figures 13.1, 13.3 from the Consumer Credit Trade Association, by kind permission of the Consumer Credit Trade Association.

In some instances we have been unable to trace the owners of copyright material, and we would appreciate any information that would enable us to do so.

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