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[Book] Basic Nursing Arts PDF for free 2020

Download Basic Nursing Arts PDF

Nursing Arts PDF for free . In collaboration with the Ethiopia Public Health Training Initiative, The Carter Center, the Ethiopia Ministry of Health, and the Ethiopia Ministry of Education.

Nursing Arts PDF for free (Cover):

Basic Nursing Arts PDF for free
Basic Nursing Arts PDF for free

Basic Nursing Arts Preface

Nursing is core part in health service delivery system in which health promotion, disease prevention, curative and rehabilitative health strategies are applied. The skill of basic nursing art for the beginning public heath nurse is of paramount important. The purpose of preparing this lecture note is to equip public health nurses with basic nursing skills, which will enable them to dispatch their responsibility as well as to develop uniformity among Ethiopian Public Health Nurse Training Higher Institutions.

The lecture note contains basic selected topics, which are relevant to their scope. It is well known that no nursing service can be provided with out basic skills of nursing art. For public health nurse to provide health service at different settings; hospital, health center, health post and at the community level, the course is very essential.

The lecture note is therefore organized in logical manner that students can learn from simpler to the complex. It is divided in to units and sub topics. Important abbreviations and glossaries have been included in order to facilitate teaching learning processes. On top of that learning objectives are clearly stated to indicate the required outcomes. Trial is made to give some scientific explanation for procedure and some relevant study questions are prepared to each unit to aid students understand the subject.

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Contents of Basic Nursing Arts

Preface i
Acknowledgement ii
Abbreviation iii
Unit One
Introductiion 1
Unit Two : Care of the patient unit and equipment 4
Unit Three : Bed Making 22
Unit Four : General care of the patient 29
Unit Five : Observation and laboratory diagnosis 57
Unit Six : Cold and heat application 89
Unit Seven : Elimination of Gastro Intestinal And Urinary Tract 92
Unit Eight : Medication Administration 111
Unit Nine : Wound care 138
Unit Ten : Pre & postoperative nursing care 151
Unit Eleven : Post- mortem care 162
Glossary 165
References 169

Basic Nursing Arts in PDF for free.

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